Oahu Sites to See – Waimea Valley

Oahu Sites to See – Waimea Valley

There are many sites around Hawaii that are considered historic, and one of the most historic is Waimea Valley on Oahu’s North Shore. Today, the valley is a location that is mean to honor the past and educate the importance of the island’s natural resources. In addition to those purposes, the entire area is just beautiful and a place that should be on any list of Oahu’s sites to see.

The biggest draw of Waimea Valley is the large freshwater pool that is formed by the flowing waterfall, found at the end of a nice hike through the park. The grounds preserve the Hawaiian culture and the community, having played a prominent role in the earliest days of voyagers arriving in Hawaii. The entire grounds stand in tribute to those voyagers and the many generations that have carried on the legacy, with plants and flowers found throughout the lush jungle that date all the way back to Hawaii’s earliest days.

When visiting Waimea Valley, you will receive an unexpected lesson in history, flora, and fauna, found on many signs that line the easy hike that winds through the grounds. The information on these signs shares the history of the area and Hawaii. Waimea Valley’s history is very deep and this is the perfect setting for all of the authentic attractions that you will find here. Even an authentic luau that takes place at Waimea Valley.

After you’ve spent some time enjoying Waimea Valley and all that it offers, head for the Toa Luau for the end to a great day. The Toa Luau is a traditional Hawaiian luau that is held at a stunning botanical garden at Waimea Valley, and in a setting like this, it is easy to feel the connection to Hawaii’s past. Throughout the evening, visitors take part in some of the most traditional elements of a luau, including the traditional lei greeting, fun activities, authentic demonstrations and ceremonies, a dazzling show, and of course a delicious dinner buffet. You will also get admission to the botanical garden and can see an assortment of tropical Hawaiian flowers.

When you are considering an authentic luau, you want to make sure that it is perfect, and when you take into consideration the historic setting of Waimea Valley, the Toa Luau might just be the most authentic luau that there is. A visit to the valley is a very peaceful day and provides a look at some of the natural beauty of the islands. Spend your day exploring the valley and head to the Toa Luau in the evening for a day that will be one of your favorites from vacation.

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