Activities at an Oahu Luau - Oahu Luaus

Activities at an Oahu Luau

One of the most exciting parts of your upcoming vacation is the evening you will spend at a Hawaiian Luau. A throwback celebration, authentic luaus are an essential part of any trip to the islands and take you back to how special events were celebrated in the days of ancient Hawaii. Back then, luaus were royal events, thrown for any number of reasons, including anniversaries, arrivals to the islands, and even weddings. Today, there really is no reason needed to throw a luau; all you need is a group of friends and plenty of fun. When you attend an authentic Oahu luau, that is just what you’ll get, and from the moment you arrive, you’re in the presence of new friends, ready to have a fun evening at one of the island’s best luaus.

When you arrive at an Oahu luau, you’re guaranteed to have a great evening, with a variety of activities taking place throughout the evening. These activities are most commonly found at any luau, though each luau varies in what it includes. You’ll want to check out all of the details of the luau that you’ve selected to make sure you know exactly what is included.

Activities at an Oahu Luau

Lei Greeting
No luau is complete without the very first thing that you get to take part in, and that is an authentic lei greeting. Based on your seating option, you’ll received either a fresh flower lei, or a kukui nut lei, both beautiful in their own right, but if you opt for the fresh flower lei, remember to hang it in your hotel room for an intoxicating aroma for the remainder of your trip.

Games and Fun Things to Do
Some luaus start off with a bit of fun and a little competition. Games played at a luau include spear throwing, coconut husking, hula lessons, weaving, tattooing, hands-on crafts, imu and ava ceremony, and so much more. You’ll be able to choose the things you want to do to start off the evening.

Dinner Buffet
The part of the luau that everyone looks forward to is the delicious dinner buffet, filled with island favorites and specialty dishes prepared just for your luau. As you head down the buffet, you’ll find locally caught fish, fresh veggies from local farms, favorites like Poi that date back to ancient Hawaii, a variety of desserts, and of course, the star of the show, Kahlua Pork, fresh from the underground oven, or Imu. When the pig is ready to come out of the ground, you’ll want to be in the front row.

Live Performances and Entertainment
A close second to the best part of the night, every luau includes live performances and captivating entertainment. Musicians perform a variety of live songs, complete with singing and traditional hula dancing that tells the stories of the islands. Each luaus entertainment is unique, with the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau’s evening show and Chief’s Luau’s fire knife dancing being the most popular on the island. You are going to want to have a close seat for this part of your Oahu Luau.

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