Famous Oahu Landmarks

Famous Oahu Landmarks

As you get to know the island of Oahu, you’ll quickly discover that some of its most famous landmarks are among the most notable in Hawaii. You’ll recognize these sites from the many pictures of Hawaii that you’ve undoubtedly looked at countless times, and might be surprised to find out that many of these famous sites aren’t that hard to find. In fact, many are spotted during a drive around the island, with great spots to stop and take an amazing picture. Not only that, but while you’re checking out these famous Oahu landmarks, you’ll have views of the islands coastline and the natural scenery that makes up the incredible island.

Famous Oahu Landmarks
Diamond Head – out of every famous landmark this one is the easiest to spot. It is nearly always in close site, and can even be spotted from way up on the Leeward Coast, albeit at a very great distance. Waikiki Beach is in the shadow of Diamond Head and you can even attend a great Oahu luau with the iconic crater in close view.

RabbitIsland – perhaps the most distinct landmark, this offshore islet takes its name from its shape, bearing a striking resemblance to a rabbit’s head. You’ll find this famous Oahu landmark around the South Shore, and if you stop at Makapu’u Lookout, you’ll have a great photo opportunity.

Chinaman’s Hat – another unique Oahu landmark, Chinaman’s Hat is located on the Windward Coast as you’re heading up north. You can find amazing views of the islet from Kualoa Ranch and the Pali Lookout.

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout – speaking of the Pali Lookout, this is the site of the bloodiest battle in the history of Hawaii, and also offers a view that you will not believe, overlooking Windward Oahu. If you make a stop here, leave your hat in the car and make sure to brace yourself: the wind blows through the lookout at high speeds, reaching 80 mph!

NorthShoreOahu – calling the North Shore an Oahu landmark might be a bit of a stretch, but we have trouble leaving it out. The entire stretch of the island is legendary, with famous surf beaches making up the coastline, and the vibes of classic Hawaii felt as soon as you see the lush countryside during your drive up here. You can easily spend a day on the North Shore, whether you’re hanging on the beach, eating at a food truck, or heading to one of the fun Oahu luaus. It’s just a great place to spend part of your trip.

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