5 Things You’ll Find at a Hawaiian Luau - Oahu Luaus

5 Things You’ll Find at a Hawaiian Luau

Visit to Oahu is going to include a few things: First, plenty of time at the beach; second, amazing food and plenty of different dishes; and third, but not last, an authentic luau.

When you begin planning your vacation, one of the first things you will look into is a luau. There is nothing that compares to the fun and excitement of an evening under the stars, with impressive entertainment, fun, activities, and a great feast. No matter how many times you visit, a luau is always one of the things you have to do, and for good reason. Luaus are one of the oldest traditions in Hawaii, dating all the way back to the earliest days of the settlement of the island, and really, any reason to have a luau is a good reason. They are fun and bring together friends and families for a celebration.

For first time travelers to the islands, there may be a bit of a mystery when looking for the right luau. Not knowing what to expect is a good thing in most cases, but if you have an idea of what is included with a luau, where the location is, and a rough idea of what the evening holds, it’ll make your decision on which to attend a bit easier.

Here are 5 things you’ll find at an authentic Hawaiian luau on Oahu:

  1. The Feast – Every luau includes a feast fit for royalty. After all, the first luaus were for the rulers of the islands, and even though the cooking methods and dishes have changed quite a bit from the first luaus, the spirit remains. On any luau buffet, you will find items like Kahula Pork, fresh fish, locally grown vegetables, poi, and mouthwatering desserts. Throw in a tropical cocktail like a Mai Tai and you will be all set.
  2. Island Games – This varies by the luau and if you choose a luau that includes games and demonstrations, it will make your time just a bit more enjoyable. Take part in spear throwing, learn to hula, make a fresh flower lei, and learn traditional songs before the luau festivities begin.
  3. Performances – Once dinner is over, the fun really begins. Facing the stage, performers amaze with their effortless dancing and performance, telling the stories of Polynesia and the traditions that date back for thousands of years.
  4. Storytelling – This goes hand in hand with the live performances. Stories are told through hula, songs, and music, showcasing the beauty of the movements and songs to share the legends and history of Polynesia and Hawaii.
  5. FUN – Clearly, you are in for a great time, and from the outset, you will have so much fun. Your evening under the stars at an authentic Hawaiian Luau is sure to be one of the best nights of your trip.

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