Great Oahu Beaches for Your Trip

Great Oahu Beaches for Your Trip

You know what is a poorly kept secret? How amazing the beaches of Hawaii are. Each island offers stunning scenery and a relaxing place to enjoy the perfect weather. Warm waters, soft sands, and the best view you can imagine? Sounds like an alright day to us. There are many great Oahu beaches, but you probably wont be able to visit them all, just because there are so many. A good idea is to find one beach on each part of the island to visit. This will give you a good idea of what the area is like and the difference of the beaches all around the island.

Great Oahu Beaches for Your Trip

Picking one beach to visit on the North Shore is so hard. There are 3 famous surf beaches that you will want to see, especially in the winter when the waves are up, and there is reason to visit each. As hard as it is, we’ll go with Waimea Bay. There are amenities and a small parking lot, and when the water is calm, this is a great place to swim. And when the surf is up, prepare to be amazed.

We should have mentioned this early, but this is really tough Picking on beach in Hawaii is nearly impossible. They’re all so good!

Because of its vicinity to the resorts of Ko’olina, our choice for Leeward Oahu is Ko’olina Beach Park. It's a protected cove so the waters are very calm, and the view is unbelievable. There’s plenty of sand to relax on and if you’re staying on this part of the island, it is incredibly close. There is a paved path that runs through the park, a great place for walking or running, and again…the view. Wow.

To truly appreciate the diversity of Oahu, head to the South Shore after a day on the North Shore. The dramatic differences of the island are astounding, heading from the lush, rainy northern part of the island to the dry, rocky South Shore is amazing to see. And on the South Shore, quite near where you are likely staying along Waikiki Beach, you have to visit Hanauma Bay. The snorkeling here is the best in the islands. And the beach is a place to sit and relax. Although it is very busy.

Windward Oahu
Waimanalo Beach Park. Just head here and thank us later. You will not believe that this beach actually exists. The beach seems to stretch forever, where gorgeous blue water meets soft white sand, backed by towering ironwood trees and views that cannot be described. Rabbit Island is in the distance and the towering mountains are not too far away. It’s a scene that you have to see.

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