Oahu Big Wave Surf Beaches

Oahu Big Wave Surf Beaches

It seems that no matter when you visit Hawaii, it is a special time. The islands offer so much, and at different times of the year, there are different events that are part of a trip to any of the islands. For visitors to Oahu, one of the biggest events is the return of big waves to the island, welcoming along with it the return of some of the fiercest surf competitions around. During your trip, you’ll want to visit Oahu’s big wave surf beaches to witness firsthand the biggest swells you will ever see.

The winter months bring cooler weather, more rain, the return of humpback whales, and directional changes of the ocean’s swells. The north facing shores of all islands experience a bump in wave heights, but it is Oahu whose waves are the most spectacular…and surfable.

Along Oahu’s world famous North Shore, many different beaches are found, providing a place to sit and watch that giant swells, while enjoying a little beach time. From, the comfort of the sand, watch in amazement as the waves rise and crash, creating ocean conditions that are often treacherous, but that expert surfers absolutely love. The beaches along the North Shore are the site of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, bringing the world’s best to Haleiwa Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay. These beaches are the perfect place to spend a day, and when the surf is up, the perfect place to watch in amazement as the pros ride these waves with what seems like very little effort.

Any time spent along Oahu’s hallowed North Shore is special, and during the times of the biggest swells, the entire shore comes to life. Surfing is the pastime of Hawaii, the place where the sport was invented, and is always in season. During the winter, the chance to see the impressive feat of nature shouldn’t be missed, and a morning on the beach watching the waves is the perfect activity before an evening activity, like an Oahu luau.

Oahu’s big wave surf beaches are found all along the North Shore, stretching from Haleiwa to La’ie, with the most famous found between Haleiwa and Waimea Bay. The Triple Crown of Surfing, along with the Eddie Aikau Invitational, are the biggest surf competitions of the season, and a can’t miss during your visit to Oahu.

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