3 Essential Tours for Your Oahu Vaction - Oahu Luaus

3 Essential Tours for Your Oahu Vaction

With so many things to do on Oahu, finding the right mix of tours, activities, and things to do is very important. First time visitors are looking to have the most complete experience, while returning travlers are looking to have an experience that is different than their last Oahu vacation. Creating your perfect vacation experience is dependant on your preferences, though there are always the 3 essential tours and activites that you can enjoy during your Oahu vacation.

Oahu Sightseeing Tours
Take a look at any picture of Oahu and you’re going to recognize pretty quickly that this island is unbelievably beautiful. First timers need to see everything that the island has to offer, from the beaches to the mountains, giving them a glimpse at places to return to and sites that are important during any trip to the island. Head out on a Circle Island Tour during the first few days of your trip, and prepare to fall in love with the island. You can do an entire trip around Oahu, or stick to the North or South Shore. Even if this is a return visit to the island, you’ll see jaw-dropping sites and learn new information about the island.

Oahu Adventures
Hawaii as a whole is a great place for adventure, and Oahu is ripe with many great adventures for all ages. Head out on a hike throught the lush rainforests, up to the summit of Koko Head or Diamond Head, go ziplining, or even head to the open ocean for a snorekling adventure. There are plenty of options to fit your interests, and even if this will be your first big adventure, the available adventures will give you an incredible experience.

History and Culture
As important as the beaches are to the exerience of an Oahu vacation, the history and culture of the islands is easily the most important part of a visit to any Hawaiian Island. The culture of the islands dates all the way back to the earliest arrivals to the islands, and there are countless moments in history that have helped shape the islands. Get to know both history and culture during your Oahu vacation at an authentic Oahu luau, head to Pearl Harbor to discover the historic events that re-shaped world history, and learn all about the influences of the culture of the islands, creating the unique cultural mix that we see throughout Hawaii today.

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