Oahu Vacation Planning – Eating Hawaiian Dishes

Oahu Vacation Planning – Eating Hawaiian Dishes

One of our favorites things about traveling is finding the food of the destination that we are visiting. Whether it’s croissants in Paris, pizza in New York City, or fresh fish in Hawaii, the cuisine and the notable dishes of any place are very important and help to show its cultural influences. Hawaii is no exception to this, and as a cultural melting pot, you know that there is are so many great foods to try once your Oahu vacation begins.

Some of the best dishes in Hawaii are the result of the different cultures that have found their way to the islands, and some dishes are passed down from the very first residents of Hawaii. There are a few dishes that you MUST try, each part of the experience of visiting the Hawaiian Islands.  

Ahi Poke
Of all the food that is closely associated with Hawaii, this just might be at the very top. Poke is a raw fish dish that is created with fresh yellowfin tuna, soy sauce, and a variety of ingredients that help to create a delicious dish that you will want to have every day of your trip. Poke is made in many different ways, with many different recipes and it is outstanding.

The Hawaiian version of a donut, the malasada is a sweet treat that is usually eaten in the morning. And actually, it’s originally a Portuguese treat and has been in Hawaii in the late 1800s along with Portuguese laborers who came to work in the plantations. But no matter it’s origins, it is one of those things that you are going to want to have over and over again. The traditional malasada is fried and coated with sugar, and is also available with a creamy or fruit filling.

Loco Moco
You might need a friend or 4 to help you with this dish. Created in Hilo, the Loco Moco is a lot of food, with rice, a hamburger patty, fried egg, and topped with gravy. Portions can be intimidating and you better bring your appetite, but the Loco Moco is actually quite good.

Kalua Pork
This is what everyone is looking for when the get to Hawaii. And most save their Kalua Pork for their Oahu luau, where it is served fresh out of the underground oven. The whole pig is slow cooked in a man mad oven that is as tried and true method of cooking that has ever been invented. The pork is perfect, and you willl be going back for seconds.  

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